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Keep updated by subscribing to our newsletter! Today we’re shipping a number of changes to improve player visibility. We’ve added a new ‘Boost Player Contrast’ setting, made changes to locations on certain maps, modified a number of agents, and adjusted selective fog. It’s the headline grabber and a change that make take some time for players to get used to with. If you are prone to camp in shadowy areas you may find your head getting clicked more often, but on the whole few people can complain about this QoF-cum-visual upgrade. It should be noted that this setting can be turned off – so if you enjoy not seeing the opposing team clearly, that doesn’t have to change. The feature works by applying a post-processing filter over stationary characters, to create increased contrast making players stand out more from their backgrounds.

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It is the fourth game in the main Counter-Strike franchise. The Linux version was released in September It features classic content, such as revamped versions of classic maps; as well as brand new maps, characters and game modes. To enhance your adventure and compliment your gameplay, you can buy CS:GO boosting service from our list of reputable sellers here at G2G.

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How To Rank Up In CS:GO

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The CS:GO ranks guide has been further updated to help new players go through the game and its ranking system easily. A couple of things were irrelevant and were removed while some new additions were made. Boosting in online games can be a very hard task, especially if you have not played the game and are not aware of the technical mumbo-jumbo behind it.

Because of this, players are always looking for the best way to rank up in online games since the better rank they have, the better-skilled players they will go up against and that is what every regular online player wants. One of these games where boosting your rank is very hard is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This is why people have been searching for the best CS:GO boosting guides and have been looking for the best ways to rank up in the game. While I am no expert on the subject, this CS:GO rank boosting guide is going to help you with some tips on how to rank up at a good pace in the game.

First up is the profile rank. This is fairly straightforward where you essentially have to win rounds in matches to upgrade your profile rank. On the other hand, the XP you earn is based on your individual scores in all game modes other than competitive. It is worth noting that a profile rank of 2 is required to play in Competitive Mode while a profile rank of 21 is required if you want to play in the Prime Account Matchmaking.

CSGO Boosting – Vertigo Boost – How it works

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For many players, their rank is a deadly serious subject. Despite this, it seems few players have solid knowledge on how you actually gain rank. Simply to win games sounds like the obvious answer. Players start off in Silver 1. Mainly because there are a lot of uncommitted or casual players that might not take CSGO as seriously as others.

Next up is Gold Nova and Gold Master. Most players fall in the range between Silver Elite and Master Guardian 2. The two biggest brackets are Gold Nova 2 and 3. Now we get to the big boys!

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Overpass has been host to many memorable events in CSGO. But the map is also known for featuring a number of crazy boosts. More than any other map, Overpass’ multilevel layout lends itself to boosting, where one player stands on another’s character model to gain a more elevated position they otherwise couldn’t reach. More often than not, these positions are overy powerful.

Now, another new boost has been found, and this one can be set up just seconds into a new round. It’s based on the same pixel walk idea behind fnatic’s famous boost, now also combined with a more traditional boost. Instead of starting off on a player’s head, however, the boost uses a small piece of geometry that allows a player to stand up. Check it out below. This new boost requires three people to pull off completely, but once the third player is vaulted up, they have an unobstructed view of the monster tunnel at a serious off angle.

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