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Six Degrees of Procrastination Social networking might be the next big dotcom bubble to explode, and Friendster is the bubble machine. By Todd Inoue “Friends, how many of us have them? Friends, ones we can depend on? As founder of Asian Man Records, a solo musician and community activist, he has trouble keeping in touch with the ones he’s already got. Recently, however, Mike’s social circle has exploded. In September , he typed Friendster. For those who aren’t cultural junkies: Friendster is an online community that allows people to create a social network through the friends they already have.

Making Internet Connections

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an online dating site utilizing social networks to encourage friend-of-friend most dating sites, Friendster encourages users to join even if they are not looking​.

Earlier this month, Malaysian based social-network-turned-social—gaming-website Friendster. Used widely as a dating website in the past, the new dating features of Friendster could be welcomed by many of its former users across Southeast Asia. In the Crush game, users get to choose whether the pictures of potential partners are hot or not. If users say that the picture is hot, then they become an admirer of that person, and that person becomes a crush of the user in return.

If both parties say that the other person is hot, then we have ourselves a match. Users can view these three features from the social dashboard. Another big change is that Friendster is being far more choosy with users’ profile pictures. There is a requirement to add profile pictures with an emphasis on your face, and the pictures will then need to be approved from the Friendster team. When I tried using a picture with my face a little far away from the camera, the picture got rejected by the team.

There are on-site purchases that can be made using Friendster coins, including features to make profiles more easily discovered through search or through banner spaces. So you might find more search results when looking for potential partners from those countries.

How Friendster Works

Friendster was launched in by Netscape alumni, Jonathan Abrams. The site is based upon the natural premise of friends connecting friends — or social networked clusters, as the academics like to call it. Since that time, the site has grown to over one million connected users, spawned fan and parody sites, and resulted in new romances, business contacts and friendships.

He found regular dating sites creepy and too focused on just dating. At the same time in an increasingly mobile and time-pressed society, traditional ways to connect through friends meeting at dinner parties, etc.

Social network sites like Friendster and MySpace are constructed in a way that who was rejected from Friendster or who didn’t want to be on a dating site [9].

The roots of online social networking can be traced to the s bulletin board systems BBSs. These systems allowed users to log in—through very slow connections—to share software and data as well as send private messages and post to public message boards. Due to the high cost of the long distance calls that would be required to access BBSs in other parts of the world, most of these were very local communities.

Far more feature-rich than BBSs, these systems allowed users to connect to the Internet and create personal profiles, post events, chat, and send public and private messages. As the World Wide Web grew in popularity, social networking moved to web-based applications. The first wave was built for specific functions or audiences. In , Classmates.

Two Important Lessons Learned from Friendster

If you’re seeing this message, that means JavaScript has been disabled on your browser. Earlier this month, Malaysian based social-network-turned-social—gaming-website Friendster. Used widely as a dating website in the past, the new dating features of Friendster could be welcomed by many of its former users across Southeast Asia.

Friendster was a social gaming site, widely popular in the Asian region. It was also used for dating, discovering new events and joining new hobbyist circles.

Jonathan Abrams could have gone down as one of the world’s most successful tech founders. Instead, he spends his time reading and sharing dozens of news stories each week about tech companies more successful than his own. On any given day, you might see Abrams tweet articles about aging entrepreneurs , the latest billion dollar tech startup or Facebook’s evolving ad efforts.

He finds these articles through Nuzzel , a social news aggregator that he built and launched in beta in September That sentiment is common enough. There are, after all, no shortage of people building and using social news readers for precisely that reason. But those people are not Jonathan Abrams. Twelve years ago, he founded Friendster and helped kick off the era of social networks. Ten years ago, he watched as Facebook launched and gradually became the market leader.

A little more than one year ago, he released Nuzzel to make the most of the new crop of social networks that have surpassed his own.

Can Friendster Type Social Networking Make Money?

Based on a concept modeled after John Guare’s play, then movie, Six Degrees of Separation , Friendster allows you to establish a social network of friends. Then you can tap into their friends, their friends’ friends and so on out to four degrees from yourself. The initial goal was for dating, but Friendster has become a social gathering place for any type of relationship. Friendster was created by a 33 year old former Netscape software engineer named Jonathan Abrams.

The free site allows you to meet online the friends of your friends’ friends, over the others is that it brings plausible deniability to online dating.

Friendster was a social network founded in , predating MySpace and Facebook. At one time, Friendster had more than million users. They declined. Well, a lot. This is a prime example of learning what NOT to do. In the first few months, Friendster attracted three million users. Unfortunately, rather than focusing on the initial vision of a social network, the newly-created board of venture capitalists began trying to incorporate blogs, video and audio and other features before the site was ready to handle it.

A solid staff of marketing, design and programming professionals can help you see your vision come to life and make sure you have a successful core that can be expanded when the time is right. You can have the greatest idea in the history of the internet, but unless you are able to correctly deliver your brand, you could suffer the same fate as Friendster. As late as , because of the increasing traffic, Friendster users were experiencing problems with load times.

While the board was looking at ways to expand the brand, they were overlooking some of the common problems that cause customers to find other outlets. And those customers did. MySpace was growing and Facebook was becoming a juggernaut.

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Should I tell you not to search for a possible life partner on social networking sites if I found mine on Friendster? But guess what? I actually met my husband on Friendster, the popular social networking site after My Space and before Facebook. Right on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Tumbler.

A review of the social network site, Find out the positive and negative features of using this site for dating. Plus, see what other.

The brainchild of entreprenuer John Abrams, Friendster. Based on the premise that the best way to meet people is by being introduced by someone else, users post detailed personal profiles on the site after being invited to join by a current Friendster member, or start new groups on their own. With rumors of large amounts of capital being sunk into to the venture, Silicon Valley is working itself into a tizzy over Friendster’s success according to Business Week.

However, questions remain over whether or not Friendster’s commoditization of the dating process will ultimately prove successful. Essentially, it’s an attempt to apply the economic theory behind eBay — bringing buyers and sellers together to create commerce — to a far more complex social phenomenon.

And in that context, the Friendster model for dating, while fun, has a number of flaws that don’t plague the personal-ad approach favored by most successful dating sites. For one thing, Friendster assumes that friends are a good screening mechanism for quality dating partners: You like your friend, so you will like your friends’ friends. This isn’t a new concept. Most singles have gone on a date set up by mutual friends.

Yes, and friendships have persevered despite friends playing matchmaker. Other times, users won’t be as interested in matchmaking.

Friendster: The Greatest Disappointment in Internet History

Google launched Orkut, Lycos is dropping normal search for friend networking, and Friendster is popping up clones all over the place. Social Networking has become the hottest thing on the web since, well blogs is there some connection here? With search firms dipping into the friend-making portal business, one has to stop and think… can these sites bring in revenue?

Analysts are scratching their heads and puzzling over how Friendster — and the other so-called social e-networking companies that have emerged as the upstart Internet success story of the past year — can make money. Investors in those companies include the backers of such blockbusters as online auctioneer eBay Inc.

As a dating site or otherwise? (2) How do Southeast Asian women in these two age groups ( and 30) construct themselves on ? (3) Do.

Friendster was a U. The company was sold in and became a social gaming site based in Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia. It was originally a social networking service website. Users could share videos, photos, messages and comments with other members via profiles and networks. After the launching of Friendster as a social gaming platform in June , the number of registered users reached over million. As of , Friendster had more monthly unique visitors than any other social network in Asia.

On June 14, Friendster, citing “the evolving landscape in our challenging industry” and lack of engagement by the online community, suspended their services. It was believed that on January 1, , the web domain would be permanently deactivated until further notice.

Friendster dating site

New generation of online users may still be able to remember how Friendster became such a huge hit a couple of years ago. But after Facebook and Twitter came in to life, the then-popular social networking site resorted to changing its platform. Friendster turned to a gaming social site catering to online gamers audience. Recently, Friendster added a new feature which makes the site a social dating site as well. Friendster Finder is a new and enhanced feature of the site where users can search for compatible friends who may turn out to be a their future partners.

Friendster also has My Crushes, My Admirers and My Matches features which users can use to arrange your friends according to your preferred list.

So he turned to , a Web site that owes its rapidly growing popularity to a simple but effective formula. Unlike dating sites that.

The social network Friendster is relatively unknown here in Europe. But it was the website that kicked off a craze that was better capitalised on by competitors such as Facebook, who just last week announced they had surpassed million users. The social network that initially took advantage of the work of Friendster was Myspace. The firm never disappeared, but retreated and reorganised and has found its niche in Asia where it is currently the social network with the highest number of unique visitors.

Perhaps the Friendster story may have some lessons that other social networks can learn as they face plummeting traffic. While the success of Myspace is relatively well known, some have attributed its rise at the expense of the lesser known Friendster. This site was launched to compete with other online dating websites in However a sudden increase in website traffic, brought not only technical problems as the site could not cope with the increased demand on its service, but also alienated long term users.

Friendster transforms into a social dating site

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Friendster is a website that allows people to explicitly articulate their social Unlike most dating sites, Friendster encourages users to join even if they are not​.

Social networking website friendster. Because of its sudden success, the website runs unimaginably slow most of the time. Some basic googling revealed that friendster supposedly uses tomcat open source servlet and jsp web container and MySQL open source database. My question is, does anybody here have any idea as to what makes friendster perform so poorly almost all the time? What is the best way to set up a website that requires frequent database reads and writes?

How have people tested against many concurrent users on their own projects? Other than that being fast are large loads takes planning.

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